The Benefit Of The Autohold Option

Some people have criticized Autohold as something that helps the casino a lot more than it helps the player. That's not necessarily the truth, and it shouldn't be looked at from that perspective. It is true that play speed is important to the bottom line, and Autohold helps the casino achieve that.

But that does not mean the option is giving you an incorrect play most of the time. In fact, quite the contrary - it is said that the Autohold option gives the player the correct play on more than 90% of occasions. And that is not a bad thing. While it may not give the absolute best play, it must be considered preferable to the alternative for the novice player who might otherwise make poor plays - a lot poorer than Autohold would choose - on hand after hand.

Ultimately, of course, it is the responsibility of the player to play well, and it is advisable for players to learn whatever is possible about the Basic Strategy of video poker in order to execute the best plays on their own. That's because if, for example, you are the kind of player who wants to be better than a mere beginner but is admittedly not an expert, the best way to go might be to go with strategy plays manually for situations you can easily evaluate and make use of Autohold for the situations where you are stumped.

Remember, you don't want to make more mistakes than you absolutely have to. Therefore check out this list of online casinos.